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Adults Hi-Viz Umbrella - Navy

Adults Hi-Viz Umbrella - Navy
Product Code: SI0461
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Be Seen - Be Safe!! This range of full size High Visability Umbrellas are pretty new to Splash Innovations. If there is such a thing as a subdued Hi-Viz product, this umbrella is a contender. In daylight you don't have to look like you've just walked off a building site or you're about to hand out parking tickets. The dark blue umbrella features a slim reflective stripe around the edge of the canopy so you'll stand out a treat in the car headlights when you're walking down the road in these dark winter mornings and evenings. This Hi-Viz umbrella comes with a straight black handle, black shaft and a slim but highly reflective stripe on both the inside and outside of the canopy so you can seen easily from front and back.  A very light umbrella, it has 8 panels with a strong, flexible fibreglass frame. It's 83cm long and has a 102cm wide canopy. Weight approx 300g.


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