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Category: Duo Compact Umbrellas

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For retailers looking for wholesale compact umbrellas, here we have our DUO range of compact twin umbrellas (or Double umbrellas, as they’re also known). These ingenious folding compact twin umbrellas are available in a range of different colours. They are designed to shelter two people walking side by side but fold away conveniently into a handbag, brief case, rucksack or glove compartment.

Here we have them available at a bargain price when you buy in full box quantities of 25 per box. If you’re buying for the first time from us here at Splash, you’ll need to register and set up an account. It only takes a couple of minutes. Simply go to our home page and click on “create an account” near the top. You’ll then be able to see the trade prices, browse at your leisure and buy our wholesale DUO compact umbrellas for two people. You can pay with company card, by direct bank transfer or by paypal. Any questions or if you need advice don’t hesitate to contact us. One of our friendly customer service assistants will be happy to help. Happy shopping!