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White Frilly Bridal Pagoda Umbrella

White Frilly Bridal Pagoda Umbrella, quite simply, the perfect umbrella for the perfect occasion. Add this umbrella to your formal wear collection and they will fly off the shelves.

This white frilly bridal pagoda umbrella is just the perfect accessory for the bride’s ensemble. It’s beautiful, it’s elegant, it’s white and frilly and looks truly gorgeous even when closed and not in use.

This umbrella is an absolute must for any wedding or formal occasion collection. It will look equally good at at garden party, a day at  the races or of course an elegant accessory for the bride. After spending so much on the perfect outfit, hair and make up an umbrella is an absolute must have item.

Features of this umbrella are:

  • Automatic opening.
  • Slimline crook handle.
  • Canopy made from a high quality Pongee fabric.
  • Canopy span of 90 cm when open.
  • Sumptuous frilly border.




Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


No. of panels (ribs)

Opening mechanism




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