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One of the features of our UK wholesale umbrellas website is that, unlike some of our competitors, we sell trade price umbrellas in singles (providing you meet our modest minimum order value of just £150). In other words we don’t necessarily oblige retailers and buyers to purchase in full box quantities.

However, that said, we do occasionally offer better pricing on certain umbrellas when bought in full boxes. Additionally there are some umbrellas, for example which are sold in mixed colour sets, where we feel we can only sell in full boxes. Either way you’ll find competitive prices in what are still relatively low quantities. If you’re able to commit to much larger quantities and you’re looking for even lower pricing, why not call us? We’re quite often happy to negotiate.

You can buy our wholesale price full boxes of umbrellas and other great umbrella bargains online with your company card, by paypal or direct bank transfer. You’ll need to register first. Just click on “create an acount” at the top of the home page. It’ll only take a minute. Any questions or if you need advice, don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly customer service assistants will be happy to help.