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Category: See-Through Clear Walking Style Umbrellas

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Wholesale See-Through Clear Walking Style Umbrellas

Here we have our range of wholesale and trade price see-through clear walking umbrellas. Some are conventional-shaped clear see-through umbrellas and some are clear dome shape umbrellas.

Some are plain but many of them have a coloured trim around the edge or have patterns printed onto the clear canopies. The clear plastic used in the manufacture of these clear walking style umbrellas is generally PVC though there is a recent move towards POE. We also have some of them with colour tinted canopies.

This style of umbrella is generally manual opening though we also have a few automatic opening options. So, if you’re a retailer or buyer looking for clear, see-through walking style umbrellas feel free to browse through our range at your leisure. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help.

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