Wholesale Umbrellas Supplied Worldwide

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Category: Fashion

Wholesale Fashion & Designer Umbrellas

Hi, welcome. If you’re a retailer or buyer looking for wholesale fashion umbrellas or wholesale designer umbrellas then we hope we can help you. We are a UK wholesaler of designer umbrellas with a wide range of umbrella designs to choose from. We have many top-quality stand-out fashion umbrellas, sometimes from top-name designers. Some of our umbrellas have beautiful graphic designs printed onto the canopies, some are frilly or lace-edged. Some of them even challenge the conventional shape of the umbrella canopy itself – check out our heart umbrellas or pagoda umbrellas, for example.

Practical yet Pretty!

Umbrellas are now no longer sold just as practical commodity items but as fashion accessories. Increasingly women will have a collection of fashion umbrellas in different styles and colours for different occasions and eventualities. For umbrella fashionistas, fellow umbrellaphiles, the brolly cognoscente, and parasol people everywhere our fashion umbrellas and designer umbrellas are for YOU. So, if you’re interested in something a little more upmarket to sell in your shop or boutique – or in your online store – feel free to browse through our extensive range of wholesale trade-priced fashion umbrellas and designer umbrellas.

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If you’re new to Splash Innovations please click on “Account/Register” at the top of the page and register with us. It only takes a minute. You’ll then be able to see our trade prices, browse the site and buy our fashion umbrellas, designer umbrellas, and other products online with your company card, by Paypal, or by direct bank transfer. The minimum order value is just £200. You don’t have to buy in full boxes, we sell most of our umbrellas in singles so that you can mix and match to find out what sells best for your clientele. Happy shopping!