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Wholesale Shoulder Strap Umbrellas

What a great idea, a hands-free umbrella with a shoulder strap. Why didn’t they invent that sooner? Well, we don’t know but they’re here now! Shoulder strap umbrellas are exactly that – umbrellas with adjustable shoulder straps that you can sling over your back keeping your hands completely free. Shoulder strap brollies are simply great for both town and country – great for commuters and great for ramblers and hill walkers alike.

As the UK’s leading umbrella wholesaler we offer these amazing new hands-free umbrellas in a wide selection of colours – and all at trade wholesale prices. So, if you’re a buyer or retailer and you’re looking for wholesale strap umbrellas then perhaps we can help? The shoulder strap umbrella is a handy size for rucksacks, has a straight colour coordinated handle, lightweight aluminium shaft, and flexible windproof fibreglass ribs.

We are finding that it sells in a variety of different retail outlets from outdoor clothing shops to camping shops to¬†shoe shops. So, whatever type of retail outlet you have, whether bricks or “clicks”, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need advice – we’re here to help.