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Shoulder Strap Umbrella – Red

This very popular red shoulder strap umbrella is a little different from your traditional umbrellas in the sense it can be carried over your shoulder with a convenient shoulder strap. .This red shoulder strap umbrella features 10-rib construction and a colour-coordinated strap and canopy. Please see description below for more information.

Red Shoulder Strap Umbrella.

What about this for a quality umbrella? Straight out of the top drawer, these very practical and extremely popular umbrellas feature a useful carry strap that effectively makes them hands-free. The strap, which is detachable and adjustable, enables you to simply throw one of these lightweight umbrellas over your shoulder leaving your hands completely free.

Perfect for the busy lady or gent weaving through busy streets or the cyclist pedalling into work. Available in a range of colours, these superb umbrellas are completely windproof as they have modern, flexible fibreglass ribs and a strong, lightweight aluminium shaft.

The canopy has 10 panels, which means 10 ribs/spokes, making it 20% stronger than a traditional 8 panel umbrella. Approximately 78 cm long with a canopy span of 98 cm, the Red Shoulder Strap Umbrella has an ergonomically designed rubber handle for extra comfort. It’s colour-coordinated with both the strap and the canopy.

Just to set off these top of the range umbrellas, there is a strong aluminium tip and matching handle-protector, all helping to make these stylish and practical umbrellas the ideal gift.


Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


Length closed (cm)

No. of panels (ribs)

Opening mechanism




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