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If you’re a retail outlet or a buyer looking to buy wholesale Sport & Golf Umbrellas then perhaps we can help? As the UK’s leading wholesaler of sports umbrellas and golfing umbrellas, we have hundreds of wholesale and trade price golf umbrellas to choose from. Whether you’re on the lookout for manual opening golf umbrellas, cheap golf umbrellas, top quality windproof golf umbrellas, automatic golf umbrellas, vented golf umbrellas, branded golf umbrellas or custom-designed golf umbrellas we can help. Not all of our wholesale and trade only golf umbrellas are on the site, so if you can’t initially find exactly what you’re looking for then don’t hesitate to ask. We have many years of experience in the golf umbrella industry and we can often source what you need.

Perhaps you’re looking to bulk buy golf umbrellas for a promotion, a wedding or some other event? Perhaps there’s a particular colour or style of golf umbrella or perhaps you need some wholesale price printed golf umbrellas? Whatever your requirement we should be able to help – so please talk to us.

If you’re new to this website then we’d advise you to click on the “create account” button at the top of the home page and enter your details. Our wholesale trade prices will then become visible and you can browse and buy from our selection of wholesale sport and golf umbrellas. You can order and pay directly online with your company card or by PayPal.