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Sustainable Black Umbrella – Bamboo handle/shaft, RPET canopy

A fabulous wholesale black eco umbrella created from sustainable bamboo and recycled bottles. The environmentally-friendly black umbrella for the planet conscious consumer. Check out this brilliant bamboo black brolly, also available in 4 other colours.

Wholesale Black Eco Umbrella

Here we have our wholesale black eco umbrella, a black environmentally friendly umbrella that is sustainably manufactured from bamboo and RPET plastic. Here at Splash Innovations, it’s all about umbrollogy ecology. We are proud to welcome the ECO GENIUS to our growing range of eco-friendly umbrellas. These umbrellas really are our idea of “umbrella heaven”. There is a lot to say about them. This new Eco range certainly rises to the challenge of how to make a 21st-century umbrella in a way that minimises impact on the environment.

The first thing to note is that the canopies of these super-smart, black eco umbrellas are actually made by recycling plastic bottles into PET (PolyEThylene) chips. These plastic chips are then turned into a fibre that is spun into a yarn and then woven into a fabric, known as RPET (Recycled PolyEThylene). Umbrellas are made from plastic bottles that otherwise we’re heading for landfill. Genius, don’t you think?

Protection from the elements – and for the planet!

The Black Eco Umbrella has a smooth shaft and handle and tips, made from bamboo, which is one of the most versatile sustainable products there is.  Bamboo is notably stronger and more flexible than wood. It grows fast and has a high CO2 absorption rate.

These simple plain black umbrellas can be used as both walking style and also as mini-golfing style umbrellas.  Their size makes them suitable for adults but they are also suitable for older children and teenagers. Protect from both sunshine and rain – and protect the environment!

Planet-friendly black brolly!

We are really proud to have these wonderful umbrellas in our collection. We hope you’ll appreciate them. Even the clear plastic packaging sleeves are made of Bio-Degradable Plastic (BDP). Go ahead – keep dry and save the planet with this beautiful wholesale black eco umbrella!


Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


Length closed (cm)

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