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Wholesale Flower Design Umbrellas

Are you a retailer looking to buy wholesale flower umbrellas, trade price flower design, or floral print umbrellas? We have a selection of umbrellas with flower prints and we even have flower petal-shaped umbrellas.

Perhaps you own or manage a gift shop or a florist and you’re looking to branch out a bit into some other products? Think about it – flower-shaped umbrellas as gifts to show you care – and unlike flowers they are around a lot longer than just a few days – see, I’ve planted a seed, the idea is “growing” on you already, isn’t it? These flower umbrellas are growing in popularity and with “blooming” good prices like these, is it any wonder?

Say it with flowers! Our range of flower-shaped umbrellas makes great gift umbrellas on Valentine’s Day or Mothers Day for example. Umbrellas and flowers actually have a lot more in common than you might think. People give flowers to show they care. Well, an umbrella as a gift has the same subliminal message, suggesting you want to care for someone by giving an umbrella to protect them from the elements. You see the hidden psychology in umbrella sales!

A flower is an iconic symbol and so is an umbrella – put the two of them together in the shape of our new flower umbrellas and what have you got? A new and powerful retail phenomenon, that’s what you’ve got. Quick, pick some of these pretty flower design umbrellas and put them in your shopping basket now while stocks last!

Stunning Flower Design Umbrellas

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