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Pink Petal Swirl Umbrella

A stunning pink petal shaped umbrella. This iconic piece is ideal for times near Valentines Day or Mothers Day! A great gift idea. Featuring a black crook handle, pink flower canopy – This is one to impress.

Flower Petal Swirl Umbrella – Pink with White trim.

Say it with flowers. If you’re looking for flower umbrellas, these stunning flower petal umbrellas are “blooming” beautiful. If you look carefully, you’ll notice they feature a clever design “trick” that fools the eye by appearing to radically change the shape of the traditional umbrella canopy. Ladies everywhere are falling in love with these flower umbrellas at first sight. When you see someone walking down the street with one of our new Pink Petal Swirl umbrellas, watch how heads turn.

Executed to perfection, this radical new pink flower shaped umbrella design sports a smart black steel shaft and spring-loaded, push-button, automatic opening mechanism. It has a super quality double braced frame with fibreglass stretchers and ribs all in matching black, which makes the umbrella very strong while minimising the weight. It also has a dainty, silver-trimmed, black faux leather crook (J) handle and long elegant black top spike with pewter end and spoke tips.

This beautiful walking style ladies pink petal umbrella is 88 cm long, 100 cm wide (max.), and has an eight-panel canopy. The ingenious pink canopy design has a contrasting hem and striking canopy trim in white to produce a very pretty and unusual petal effect.

Flowers make a wonderful gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or for any other reason. While they really do brighten things up for a few days, they are soon gone. These lovely flower umbrellas are pretty too. They last a lot longer and they’re practical. And they don’t send the same sort of message to a lady, that perhaps a nice new vacuum cleaner or set of posh saucepans might send…

It’s not very often in the world of umbrellas that something as radically new and sensational comes along as the new pink Petal Swirl umbrella. These petal or flower umbrellas are already proving popular with boutiques, wedding suppliers, hairdressers, florists, and all kinds of retailers. So don’t delay – be among the first to sell these gorgeous new ladies’ fashion umbrellas.

A lovely pink wedding umbrella or parasol.



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