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Category: See-Through Clear Golf Umbrellas

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Did you ever think – wouldn’t it be great if they made a see-through clear golf umbrella? Well, they do! If you’re a retailer looking to buy wholesale and trade price see-through clear golf umbrellas, then perhaps we can help?

We are a UK-based specialist umbrella wholesaler with a wide range of see-through clear umbrellas and golf umbrellas, available at trade-only prices. In particular, we offer a great new range of see-through clear golfing umbrellas, which we call the See-Through Deluxe golf umbrella range.

These large clear transparent umbrellas have smart colour coordinated canopy trims, handles, shafts, and ribs. They really are top-quality golfing umbrellas designed to allow you to completely cover your head and shoulders, yet maintain visibility out on the golf course when the rain is horizontal!

Splash Innovations also stock a wide range of other products including stand umbrellas and fishing brollies at amazing prices. Please feel free to contact us for more information or for advice on other products in our range.