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Category: Gent's Windproof Umbrellas

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Wholesale Gent’s Windproof Umbrellas

Splash Innovations is a leading UK wholesaler of men’s umbrellas. Here we offer a good selection of wholesale gent’s windproof umbrellas. There are many types of men’s windproof umbrellas. Note that a gent’s windproof umbrella is not necessarily an umbrella that doesn’t turn inside out. By use of the term “windproof” some manufacturers mean that if the umbrella does invert then it will survive and you should be able to pop it back into shape undamaged.

Some windproof gents umbrellas are made with flexible fibreglass ribs; some windproof umbrellas have tempered steel ribs or double ribs to make them more rigid; some have a vented, overlapping canopy to allow the wind to flow through – indeed, there are many ways to make a gent’s windproof umbrella and we sell pretty much all of them. So, if you’re a retailer of umbrellas or looking to bulk buy gent’s windproof umbrellas you’ll find plenty to choose from here.

Our trade prices are good value but our help and advice are free. Please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have any questions – we’re here to help.