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Wholesale DUO Twin Umbrellas

If you’re looking for trade and wholesale price DUO Twin umbrellas or Double Umbrellas, as some people call them, then perhaps we can help? We are one of the UK’s leading umbrella wholesalers with over 700 different umbrella styles in stock. The DUO twin umbrella has become hugely popular in recent years.

This extra-wide Double Umbrella is designed specifically to cover two people side by side. If it’s an umbrella for 2 you need, then this large twin umbrella was specifically designed for two people. Double umbrellas also make ideal bride and groom wedding umbrellas.

These double umbrellas are available in both full-length and folding telescopic configurations in a variety of colours. If you’re a retailer in the gift sector you might be interested to know that they’re sometimes referred to as the Lovers Umbrella and they sell very well on Valentines Day.