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Adults Hi-Viz Umbrella – Black

Smart, Black, golf style umbrella with Hi-Viz trim around the canopy edge.  With it’s light fibreglass frame this is a great umbrella to have in your range.

Be Seen – Be Safe!! These High Visibility Umbrellas are new to Splash Innovations. The umbrella comes with a reflective stripe around the inside and outside edge of the canopy making you highly visible from both the front and back when you’re out on the road in those dark winter evenings and gloomy mornings.

This black Hi-Viz umbrella features a straight black foam handle, black shaft, and smart black canopy with a slim silver reflective stripe for maximum visibility.

The umbrella has 8 panels with a strong, light fibreglass frame, it’s 83 cm long and has a 102 cm wide canopy. Weight 300g approx.

Suitable for ladies or gents, ultra-lightweight and in daylight, it’s about as subtle as you can get for a hi-viz umbrella. Perfect if you want motorists to see and avoid you, but don’t want to look like you’re filling in a pothole or get mistaken for an off duty lollipop lady by endless groups of road safety obsessive yoofs.


Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


Length closed (cm)

No. of panels (ribs)

Opening mechanism




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