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Opalescent Dome Umbrella

Super, shiny, opalescent dome umbrella with automatic opening and crook handle. This stunning umbrella sparkles in the sun and rain and looks different every time you see it.

A stunning, shimmering opalescent dome umbrella with auto opening feature and matching white handle and tip.

This gorgeous umbrella is made from a reflective POE material which causes it to change colour in different lights and glisten as it reflects the sun.

We really cannot emphasise enough how popular this umbrella has become with customers of all ages, especially teens and ladies.

The reflective qualities of this lovely umbrella mean that the umbrella keeps changing in appearance and really does cause heads to turn. Once the rain stops and the sun comes out the look of the umbrella changes yet again. Like a shimmering rainbow or even a mermaid this umbrella has a brilliant mystical effect.

This is a great value umbrella which will appeal to all so what not add some to your collection today

  • Iridescent
  • Auto open
  • Dome
  • Crook handle



Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)



Opening mechanism

No. of panels (ribs)

Length closed (cm)



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