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Bamboo Cane Walking Umbrella

They don’t make them like this anymore. Well, actually we do! This is a high quality traditionally made cane handle walking style umbrella. A great umbrella to stock if you are a gent’s outfitter, department store – but also lots of other possibilities – we sell these to a successful gent’s hairdresser, for example!

Bamboo Cane Walking Umbrella

Looking for traditional whangee bamboo cane walking umbrellas at wholesale / trade price? This top-quality bamboo cane walking umbrella won’t disappoint! This is an 8 paneled black fibreglass framed bamboo cane walking umbrella that your customers will love.

Length from handle to tip is approx. 96 cm (38″) and it weighs just 374 grams, so comparatively lightweight! The canopy span is approx. 100 cm (39″). You’ll be impressed by this bamboo cane walking umbrella’s overall feel and quality, with thoughtful traditional design finishing touches, which include a sliding spoke tip cup, rounded spoke tips, tie wrap fastener press stud popper, and end tip finial all in colour coordinated gunmetal grey.

A top quality, traditional bamboo cane walking umbrella suitable for both City and countryside – grab these now while stocks last!


Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


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