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Black Double Canopy Umbrella – Cloud Design

If you’re looking to sell a good quality and robust umbrella than this black double layered cloud umbrella is an absolute must. When you feel this umbrella you totally understand because of the build quality. Windproof, Automatic opening and made from quality fibreglass material. Probably one of the best selling umbrellas here at Splash.

Clouds invariably mean rain is on the way, so up here at Splash Innovations Towers, clouds are cool. This double-layered cloud design umbrella, practical, stylish, and affordable. These fantastic windproof umbrellas have all the features that you’d expect from a classy umbrella … auto-open mechanism, black rubberised crook handle, and the gorgeous inner cloud design. Canopy span is 124 cm (approx 49 inches) and overall length is 95 cm (approx 37.5 inches). A fibreglass frame and shaft give a very robust yet lightweight feel. With standard 8-panel construction these umbrellas are not only smart, stylish, and practical they are different enough to brighten the dullest of days. Blue sky and cotton wool clouds always raise a smile.

You don’t really need a hat as well…


Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


Length closed (cm)

No. of panels (ribs)

Opening mechanism




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