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Black Pagoda Umbrella

An elegant black pagoda umbrella with 16 panels and slim crook handle. With it’s wide canopy its big enough to cover two people.

Brand new to our range, we bring you this gorgeous black pagoda umbrella. With it’s elegant tip, slim crook handle and generous, 16 panelled canopy this is a ‘must-have’ umbrella for those occasions when cheap and cheerful will just not cut it.

Suitable for formal occasions, garden parties, race days, weddings and funerals this umbrella will pretty much take you anywhere you want and keep you looking stylish and dry. With it’s canopy span of 100 cm there is even room for two!

However, if you just want to turn heads on the high street then this umbrella will do that as well.  You can’t fail to be seen with this beauty.

As this is such a versatile umbrella it would make a great addition to any range that you offer your customers.

  • Automatic opening
  • Slip crook handle
  • 16 panels
  • Canopy span 100 cm




Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


No. of panels (ribs)


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