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Clear Dome Lace Print

Beautiful lace design clear dome umbrella. Classic yet modern – and very practical. Popular in gift shops and high street boutiques. Also makes a great wedding umbrella.

Clear Dome Lace Print Umbrella

This majestic and elegant clear dome umbrella has a canopy span of 38 inches, is made from transparent PE (polyethylene) with an incredibly detailed white lace design. This umbrella features a floral white lace print with hearts, has 8 strong metal ribs, a manual opening system. Not only this, but this clear dome umbrella has a matching white crook handle. This feminine umbrella makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one and is sure to raise some attention. Makes an ideal wedding umbrella.

Length: 86 cm (34 inches)

Span: 97 cm (38 inches)

Weight 0.4 kg


Canopy material



Diameter / span (cm)


Length closed (cm)

No. of panels (ribs)

Opening mechanism




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