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Colour Changing Star Pattern Kids Umbrella – Set of 4

A magic umbrella! The perfect children’s umbrellas, suitable for both boys and girls. Watch their faces light up when, as if by magic, the colour changes when the rain hits the canopy!

Mixed Designs – Colour changing kids umbrella- Set of 4 colours

This umbrella is not sold singly and is only available in a set of 4.

This black and white star-patterned colour changing kids umbrella is perfect for the kids, as it’s lightweight and easy to carry. This kids umbrella’s canopy is made of 100% polyester, with a design that changes colour when wet. With 8 white ribs, a manual opening feature and a crook handle with 4 colour variants, this umbrella’s unique design is sure to stand out. When dry, the pattern is white stars on a black canvas, but when wet this umbrella transforms into a beautiful array of colourful stars, sure to dazzle the young ones. This colour changing kids umbrella has a span of 69 cm (27 inches) and a length of 58 cm (22.3 inches).


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