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Emma Bridgewater – Love Heart Sampler – Tote Bag

These pink ladies tote bags have a pink and red love heart pattern with the word love embroiled across the material. These Emma Bridgewater tote bags are available on a trade and wholesale basis. For more information check out the details below.

So you pop out to get something… No, seriously it’s something important that you really need. Cat food. That’s it, you need some cat food. You haven’t got a cat? Some peas, you’ve gone out to get a tin of peas (or cat food) and on the way, you just happen to “glance” in the shoe shop.

Oooh, they have some nice boots in the sale. And you really need (yet another) pair of boots. And they’re a real bargain! But there’s one problem… how on earth will you carry them home? The new boots and the tin of cat food (or peas)? But wait… you have one of these fab Emma Bridgewater Tote bags secreted around your person. Thank you Emma, thank you Splash Innovations.

These Tote bags come folded up into their own dinky little round Tote bag, which is equally pink, featuring the word “Love” with loads and loads of pink hearts. I’m seeing a lot of pink and somehow my mind is wandering towards Valentine’s Day… But you’re OK, I’m back on track now. Step out in style with this cheery tote bag adorning your shoulder, an instant pick me up for all who see it.

Here’s the technical specification for all you detail orientated nosey parkers: Material 100% Polyester

Height (excluding straps) 40 cm
Width (seam to seam) 37 cm
Depth 5 cm

All squashed up and stuffed into its pink storage pouchette:
Width 13 cm (diameter)
Depth 1 cm


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