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Ezpeleta Ladies UV Protective Compact Umbrella

The Ezpeleta Ladies UV Protective Compact Umbrella is your perfect travel companion. It will protect you from both the rain and the sun’s harmful UV rays. It folds down neatly to fit in your luggage, and the strap has a fastening which means that you can attach it to your bag, buggy, backpack etc.

The Ezpeleta Ladies UV Protective Compact Umbrella is rapidly going to become your travel ‘must have’. This marvellous little umbrella gives you UPF50+ sun protection, it has an ultra violet cutting rate of 97.5% and is AS/NS 4399 certified.  If you need to be shaded from the sun, then this is the umbrella for you.  Of course this umbrella is also great in the rain too! So whatever weather your holiday throughs at you this umbrella will be useful.

These cute Ezpeleta Ladies UV Protective Compact Umbrellas are designed and manufactured by Ezpeleta in Pontevedra.  Ezpeleta live and work in the hottest of climates. They know exactly what is needed to make the perfect sun protective umbrellas. These umbrellas are made to the highest specification and all the little details are taken into account.  The quality of the fabric and materials used is never compromised, it is always of the highest quality.

  • Canopy span when opened is approx. 83 cm.
  • when closed the umbrella is only 25 cm long
  • Comes with matching sleeve which has a carry strap
  • Coated underside for UPF protection
  • 4 variations available


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Opening mechanism

No. of panels (ribs)

Length closed (cm)



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