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Frilly Ivory Walking Umbrella

A frilly ivory walking umbrella that would be  suitable for any special occasion especially weddings, garden parties and days at the races. This is a beautiful umbrella that deserves to be seen. Add some to your collection today.

A glorious Edwardian style umbrella which would be suitable for occasions such as weddings, garden parties and other formal occasions. The frilly ivory walking umbrella is made to a high specification and has a slim PU, colour matched crook handle that is the same colour as the umbrella, it also has an automatic opening system so when the rain threatens to spoil your special day you can pop it up at the push of a button.

This 8 panelled umbrella has a lovely ivory canopy trimmed with a deep frill all the way around the edge and it has a slim shaft and tip. This umbrella even looks great when it is closed so if it doesn’t rain you could just use it as a great photo prop.

Umbrellas that are suitable for special occasions are great to have in a collection and these ones are great value too.

  • Auto-open
  • Crook handle
  • Canopy span 90 cm
  • Frilly border




Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


No. of panels (ribs)

Opening mechanism




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