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Jumilla Ladies Fashion Folding Umbrellas – Set of 3.

If you’re looking for the ultimate quality in the ladies umbrellas, you really need to consider the VOGUE Ladies Fashion Folding Umbrellas. Featuring an auto open and close mechanism, matching sleeve and a canopy span of 1 metre in diameter, this is the perfect product for your ladies fashion store or online shop.

Mixed Designs – VOGUE Ladies Fashion Folding Umbrellas – Set of 3.

This umbrella is not sold singly and is sold as a set of 3.

Take a look at these ultra top quality, striking red, silver, and black patterned folding umbrellas from Vogue. These lovely umbrellas are fully automatic – they’re auto-open and auto-close. They come with a matching sleeve and have a smart VOGUE ‘V’ at the end of the handle and a handy wrist strap.

When folded these ladies’ fashion folding umbrellas are approx. 29cm (11″) long and when open the canopy has a span of 100 cm. They weigh just 300 grams each. The fabric is coated with Teflon making it totally rainproof and very durable. The fabric is silky smooth to touch. This is an umbrella your customers will want to see, touch and feel to appreciate the quality.

These classy ladies’ fashion folding umbrellas are a popular designer umbrella for fashionable boutiques, up market hair stylists, department stores …


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