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Kids Pretty Patterned Clear umbrella – Mixed Designs Box of 6

Great for kids’ clothing and accessory retailers. Stock this range of kids’ pretty patterned clear dome umbrellas and watch them smile. See them sell like hot cakes on that next rainy weekend.

Kids Pretty Patterned Transparent Umbrellas – 6 designs

This product is only available in multiple quantities. This umbrella is not sold singly.

Introducing these pretty patterned transparent umbrella designs for kids. These transparent, purple, pink, orange, green, yellow or blue trimmed kids brollies make a perfect gift for the kids. They’ll love its light frame and will be excited by its bright, vibrant and cheerful colours. All of these umbrella designs have a see-through canopy made from lightweight polyethylene, with a multi-coloured pattern and a span of 79 cm, more than enough room for the little ones! These umbrellas feature 3 separate designs, each with 2 colour variations. Featuring 8 metal ribs, with a stylish crook handle and tip, with each design having a unique colour and lastly a manual opening system. Being only 69 cm in length, these umbrellas are perfect for kids aged 6 or more.

Span: 79 cm

Length: 69 cm


Canopy material

Diameter / span (cm)



No. of panels (ribs)

Opening mechanism




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