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Lorca Mini Designer Umbrellas – Set of 3.

If you are looking to offer your customers a truly stylish and compact fashion umbrella than the VOGUE mini designer umbrellas are a perfect choice. When closed, these umbrellas will fit conveniently into your bag, pocket, briefcase or car glovebox. Once opened they have a surprisingly large canopy span with generous space underneath.

Mixed Designs – VOGUE Mini Designer Umbrellas – Set of 3.

This umbrella is not sold singly and is sold as a set of 3.

These lovely little VOGUE mini designer umbrellas are perfect to fit in your bag, briefcase, glove box, or pocket. They each have their own matching double-lined protective sleeve. When folded closed they are approx. 18 cm (7″) long and when open the canopy span is 105 cm (41″). They are manual opening with panels made of a silky smooth high-quality fabric which is Teflon coated. These top-quality mini designer umbrellas weigh a mere 256 grams. This umbrella comes in 3 striking designs.


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