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Perletti – Latina Style Printed Umbrella

Simply stunning. One for upmarket fashion designer outlets, the Perletti “Charro” range. A truly sensational designer umbrella. For the fashion cognoscenti!

Perletti – Latina Style printed umbrella

This Latina style printed walking umbrella is perfect for those who want to stand out. This walking umbrella is both stylish and functional, with a span of 101 cm and a unique canopy design. This umbrella’s canopy design takes influence from Latina culture and uses red, silver, and black in its creative design. Not only this, but this umbrella is windproof thanks to its strong fibreglass frame. This Latina style umbrella has an auto-open feature, as well as a clean black crook handle and trim, making it easy to store and use. Available in 3 canopy designs and as with all our umbrellas, this Latina printed umbrella will keep you fly and dry. Remember, here at Splash Innovations it’s all about style with a smile!


Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


No. of panels (ribs)

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