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Rainbow Golf Umbrella

Rainbow style umbrellas have always been hugely popular with customers at Splash innovations. This colourful brolly features 16 different colour panels, a wooden handle and a very large canopy span of 130 cm. This product is guaranteed to be hit with your customers.

This fabulous Rainbow Golf Umbrella has 16 different colour panels, the panels add to the strength and the colours simply add to the stunning effect.

This brightly coloured rainbow panel golf umbrella has a metal shaft, ribs and wooden grip handle. The canopy width is 130 cm with an overall length of 102 cm.

Carry your rainbow umbrella with pride! Not just for use on the golf course, but perfect for taking out and about with you. The vast canopy span also means that there is plenty of room for a friend too.


Canopy material


Diameter / span (cm)


Length closed (cm)

No. of panels (ribs)

Opening mechanism




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