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StormStar Charcoal Golf Umbrella

Since the launch of the Charcoal StormStar Golf Umbrella, We have continued to supply retailers on a regular basis with this popular brolly. Featuring a strong 10 rib construction, comfortable rubber feel handle, and a canopy span of 130 cm. This really is up there with some of the best quality brollies here at splash innovations.

If you’re looking to stock a large strong golf umbrella than the StormStar Charcoal Golf Umbrella is the perfect choice for your store.

The extremely large canopy spans 130 cm. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to purchase a larger umbrella. Not only is the umbrella large, but it is also one of the strongest brollies in our range. Constructed with fibreglass ribs and shaft, makes this product flexible in challenging conditions. It is also unbelievably light for the overall size.

The overall length of this umbrella is approximately 100cm from handle to tip. It also incorporates a comfort grip to ensure ease of use over long periods.

This StormStar Charcoal Golf Umbrella has been extremely popular with retailers and e-commerce businesses around the world. Perfect for outdoor specialists and sports where stockists. This product is the perfect upsell for any outdoor sporting enthusiast.

It has also been very popular for customers seeking a larger umbrella even for everyday use. This umbrella can also be placed in Men’s and ladies clothing shops.

This product can also be purchased in single and multiple quantities. Our team will be able to advise and give you more information on bulk discounts and delivery fees that may apply.

Splash innovations also stock a wide range of other sporting and golf umbrellas. For more information or to view our extensive range, simply click on the links above to be navigated to our range of other sporting umbrellas.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Why not contact one of our sales representatives today he will be happy to assist you and give advice on our alternative products. There really are so many options available.


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