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Union Jack Golf Umbrella

One of our most popular umbrellas this Union Jack golf umbrella is a fast mover. Striking Union Jack canopy with generous canopy and straight handle.

Looking for wholesale trade price Union Jack umbrellas? This large Union Jack Golf Umbrella is one incredibly lightweight, yet strong Union Jack golfing umbrella with a comfy grip* handle, carbon fibre ribs and steel shaft. Handles vary; some are EVA, and some are rubber. It has a canopy diameter of 120 cm. Be patriotic and show your support with this large iconic Great Britain Union Jack umbrella. Great for major events – the Queen’s Jubilee, the Queen’s Birthday, Royal Weddings, Jubilees, Coronations, the Olympics, Last Night at the Proms …  PLEASE NOTE: on some of the umbrellas you may notice some minor colour fastness issues. When packaged the bright red colour sometimes leeches and can leave in places a faint trace of pink on the white background. Though noticeable when viewed very close up, from even a short distance away they look fine!


Canopy material


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Diameter / span (cm)


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