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UV Portable Beach Umbrella

These portable UV beach umbrellas are a real hit during the spring and summer months. Spanning 147 cm wide, there is ample room for anyone to seek shade beneath the canopy. These are also available into colour designs which are blue and grey. For my information on this product please check out the details below.

Here we have the UV Portable Beach Umbrella by Ezpeleta. A brand new addition to our growing range of UV protection products at Splash Innovations.

This very special UV portable beach umbrella is just a little bit different from normal parasols and very ingenious. The parasol, which stands up to a max. height of 195 cm (76.5″) can be broken down into 4 sections that all fit neatly into a neoprene carry bag with a shoulder strap and chunky zip. At a mere 1.38 kg (3.1 lb) it is light enough to pop into your suitcase when going on holiday. Why not keep it in the car, then it’ll be handy when you go to the beach or on picnics.

The canopy of this super beach umbrella is 144 cm (57″). Generous enough to good coverage to all who sit under it and enjoy the sunshine.

The UV Portable Beach Umbrella is available in 2 colours, Blue or Grey.



Canopy material



Diameter / span (cm)

No. of panels (ribs)

Opening mechanism




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