Wholesale Umbrellas Supplied Worldwide

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At Splash Innovations we care for our clients, our people and our planet.


We want you to have complete faith in us. We want your experience of Splash Innovations to be memorable for the right reasons. Honesty, integrity and ethical behaviour are fundamental to the success of our company.


We understand that we would not have a business without the great team that surrounds us and encourage them to grow and develop as the individuals they are. Whether it be in sports, creativity or working with charities we support their playtime as well as their work time.

Environmental and ethics

We understand that our company will inevitably have an impact on the environment. We are very conscious of this and recognise our responsibilities. We endeavour to offset any negative effects as much as possible.

Some key elements of our environmental policy include

  • Meet or exceed relevant environmental regulations and laws.
  • Continually improve levels of environmental protection and reduce waste throughout the organisation.
  • Increase knowledge and consciousness about environmental issues among all employees.
  • Work with suppliers and customers to develop a similarly concerned approach to protection of the environment.
  • Implement an integrated approach to Environmental and Quality issues.
  • Provide appropriate resources to meet these commitments
  • Recycle all internal waste (where permitted)
  • Provide paper recycling throughout the offices
  • Provide adequate facilities to recycle all used packing materials waste

We use recycled or ethically sourced products whenever we can. Many of our products are sourced from members of SEDEX or BSCI.


Splash Innovations takes quality seriously and this is factored into our products at design stage and through to production. The Buggy Brolly, for example has undergone independent safety and “fit for purpose” product testing. It has also undergone AZO dye and cadmium testing at Intertek’s quality test laboratories. Many of our “Silverback” UV protection umbrellas have been independently tested and found to have readings in excess of UPF 400.

And it’s not just our product quality.  Splash Innovations is committed to quality assurance and a continuous improvement process in our day to day management.