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15kg Parasol Base – Concrete

Wholesale price 15kg Concrete Parasol Base/Holder for garden, patio, and beach umbrellas with pole diameter between 19mm and 38mm.

15kg Concrete Parasol Base/Stand

This 15kg concrete parasol base is the perfect option for anyone looking to secure small to medium size sun umbrellas through the centre of their garden or patio table.

This black patio umbrella base is universal and can accommodate parasols and sun umbrellas with a pole diameter between 19 mm and 38 mm. It features a very secure, “Supergrip” pole locator. This ensures that your parasol remains securely fixed to the base. This smart black plastic-coated concrete parasol stand measures 40 cm in diameter and 7 cm in height. This makes it the perfect product to accommodate your sun umbrella or garden parasols.

15kg concrete parasol stand components

15kg Parasol Base Key Features

  • This 15kg concrete parasol stand is great for patio umbrellas, garden umbrellas, and table umbrellas. It’s the perfect choice for any small to medium size garden or patio umbrella. You can also use this base for commercial purposes such as pub and shop umbrellas.
  • This base can accommodate umbrellas with a pole diameter of 19 – 38mm. Simply slide the pole into the shaft and secure it with the “Supergrip” locator lock. 
  • This parasol base has a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 7 cm making it compact and ideal for most garden and patio tables. For smaller umbrellas, it can also be used freestanding as a garden umbrella base.
  • The 15kg parasol stand base incorporates two handy indented recesses, one either side, to help finger grip when lifting or maneuvering,

Splash Innovations strives to provide the best customer service possible. If you need more information on this garden parasol base or any other products please don’t hesitate to ask.

wholesale price 15kg parasol base



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