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Premium Navy Golf Umbrella – Vented – Windproof – Auto-Open

Smart navy windproof golf umbrella. This golf umbrella has strong navy blue panels in it’s large canopy, it is also double vented which means the wind can pass through and it will remain strong, not only that but it even has a full fibreglass frame which adds even more to the strength.

The canopy on this golf umbrella is extremely generous, a full 135 cm. Enough coverage for anyone’s golf clubs and room for a friend as well.

The Premium Navy Golf Umbrella really is an ideal umbrella for outdoor events and activities as well as the more obvious use on the golf course. But you can also just keep it in the back of your car for everyday use, ready for that next weather emergency!

There are so many plus points to this umbrella that you’re bound to want some in your collection.

  • Automatic opening
  • Foam handle
  • Full fibreglass frame
  • Wind resistant
  • Canopy span 135 cm
  • Double vented


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